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We specialize in repairing industrial heating and motor controls. We also have experience with controls for large scale printing equipment. Industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment is also an area of expertise. Scoreboards and flashers are also equipment we service, as are power supplies. Additionally, we work on many kinds of circuit boards in commercial and industrial equipment.

We also repair older style Remtron concrete pumping remote controls. Remtron stopped manufacturing the 72 and 49 Megahertz RCT-4 pump controls a number of years ago  They no longer repair nor have parts for these units. We repair these remote controls using original parts and factory service information. There are other industrial controls by Remtron such as the RCT-804 used on trucks which are similar.  We repair these as well as other obsolete units from Remtron.

We used to  repair the Pump Boss units which replace the RCT-4. Laird has cut off the sale of parts for the circuit board, which makes repair of anything other than the antenna cable possible only at Laird (Phone 234-806-0018).  Our main web page lists antenna replacement equipment for the Pump Boss.

We generally don’t sell electronic equipment, or controls.  We are pleased to refer you to reputable sellers of equipment.

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